A Rare Deal Opportunity on Twangoo – Fibreglass Furniture and Products

Every once in a while we get an unusual special offer available to our customers and subscribers here on Twangoo. It seems as the popularity of the “daily deal” concept increases in popularity, more and more different kinds of businesses are seeing the potential benefits in signing up with group deal companies like Twangoo and increasing brand exposure and sales. Jaguar Fibreglass Products Pty Ltd are a Cape Town based business that have nearly two decades in manufacturing fibreglass moulds and products. Jaguar are the manufacturers of Horizoon Pools as well as Sundance Pools, probably the most well known swimming pool brands in the Western Cape. We caught up with the owners of Jaguar Products to learn more about the fibreglass manufacturing industry.

Fibreglass is very versatile and can be adapted almost into any form or shape, big or small, and with such amazing properties it can be used in a variety of products and applications. Fiberglass also has many more advantages that cannot be found in any other constructional materials. Fibreglass is basically made up of two main components:
1. The fibre material referred to as “Glass Reinforced Plastic” which comes in sheets of varying width, weight and design, and
2. The epoxy resin together with the catalyst is applied to the fibre material and allowed to dry which produces the desired product.
Let us have a look at a few of the products that have been manufactured out of fibreglass.
These guard houses are basically Fibreglass Buildings manufactured from reinforced plastic which is able to endure extremely bad weather conditions and very high usage. They can be erected anywhere for example, on a major building site; at a private residence; in a parking area, and so on. The application can be altered to suit the need by merely adding and removing panels.
The pool furniture is made and manufactured from reinforced plastic which is able to endure extremely bad weather conditions and very high usage and is used because of its strength and durability. It is also used because it has no maintenance or repair necessary, is very light and easy to transport, has no need of strong chemicals for cleaning and can be cleaned with a wet cloth, its price is also a major factor as it compares favourably with any other type of pool furniture. It can also be manufactured in any colour that the buyer requires.
The slides are manufactured from reinforced plastic which is able to endure extremely bad weather conditions and very high usage, it also has no maintenance or repair necessary. The product is also very light and easy to transport. In its design, the safety of the children came first and in order to obtain this, 2 layers of matt fibre was used to give it extra strength and durability. It can also be manufactured in any colour that the buyer requires.

Jaguar are offering Twangoo customers and subscribers the opportunity to snap up their latest product, their elegantly designed rainwater tank that is being widely used by homeowners in the Western Cape for rainwater harvesting Cape Town. The new take on rainwater tank design has been extremely well received by homeowners in Cape Town where it has been initially launched. Up till now, the only option available has been a rather gawdy looking green plastic barrel type object, that really can cheapen the look of your home.

Rainwater tanks

These types of fibreglass signs are found mainly at traffic intersections; on lamp poles; billboards or wall mounted signs. This type of advertising is very effective in getting your product noticed, as drivers are always looking for directions and notices while driving. It is not difficult or expensive to illuminate the sign at night and so ensure that your advertisement receives the maximum exposure day or night. As vandalism is a very real threat today, this product will stay in place for a very long time, as its money value is very insignificant.
The benefits of this product are:
1. It is very strong as fibreglass is 5 times stronger than steel
2. It is very light and as such is easy to transport and install
3. It is UV resistant and will not fade over time
4. It is non-conductive and can therefore be installed right under electrical power lines.
These moulded fibreglass cooler boxes have a moulded surface that is designed to comply with the harsh climate conditions in South Africa. Because it is moulded inside and outside, it is seamless and is made with a 45mm solid polyurethane core, it is able to maintain a constant temperature in storage and transport.

The pools are made from high quality fibreglass and can therefore manage the very harsh weather conditions in South Africa. The very high quality water resistant laminate is constructed with special materials inserted between the fibreglass layers in order to strengthen the side walls. The resin used is constructed in such a way as to be able to allow the pool to withstand high temperatures. The barrier coat used behind the surface of the pool and also externally, is there to help prevent the forming of algae.
The benefits of using a fibreglass pool are:
1. It is very flexible and can be installed in virtually any type of soil and is also able to withstand the movement of the ground over time.
2. There is very low maintenance. Because of its smooth surface it is easy to keep and prevents the formation of algae
3. As fibreglass pools are made from a mould there are no joints and that reduces the possibility of leakage.
4. As fibreglass is a good insulator it allows the pool to heat up quicker and also cool down slower giving the user enjoyment before and after the summer season closes.
5. Because the pool is manufactured completely at the factory it takes less time to install. The fibreglass pool takes about two to three weeks to install versus the gunite pool requires 3 to 4 months’ time to install.

Be sure to snap up this rainwater harvesting tank offer from Jaguar Products, available only on Twangoo for a limited period of time.