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The concept of collective buying or group buying from a supplier is not an entirely new concept, although it has been largely popularized and simplified with the advent of the internet, social media and the emergence of websites such as Groupon. The origins of collective buying can be traced back to China where small businesses would club together before approaching a supplier or retailer to make a group purchase on a specific product at a largely reduced price due to the bulk quantity of the purchase. This practice was known by the Chinese as tuango (pronounced twangoo).


Although Groupon is probably the most well known “daily deal” website, it was not the first nor is it the only one. The are plenty of other websites offering similar deals and the collective buying industry has become extremely competitive. Websites that have emerged recently that compete with Groupon are Swagbucks, Yipit, Living Social, Homerun, Tippr, Buytopia and TeamBuy. The first internet based collective buying platform was actually launched in the year 2000 by Paul Allen with the financial backing of Microsoft. The website was known as Mercata and was dedicated to offering high end electronic appliances. Customers or subscribers would click to sign up to buy a specific product. The more people that clicked to buy, the lower the price of the product would be. Unfortunately the venture failed and was shut down in 2001. Allen stated in an interview that he felt the economy was to blame for the failure, whilst others speculated that Mercata was unable to compete with the hugely popular, and the the public were not yet ready for the collective buying model. Unlike Groupon which states upfront what the discounted price will be, Mercata subscribers were not initially given a final discounted price, but rather notified as the price dropped with more signups for the deal. The fact that social media had not yet come into existence is also another factor which could have prevented Mercata from reaching its potential.

The business model for websites like Groupon is extremely aggressive and does not always favor the retailer. For example, if the offer is 50% off the retail price of a handbag, Groupon would take 50% of the remaining value and the retailer the remaining 50%. In fact what this means is that the retailer is only receiving 25% of the sales value of the handbag or product. It is not uncommon for suppliers to make huge losses when running campaigns with daily deal or collective buying websites. It is imperative that small businesses take their offerings into careful consideration before entering into an agreement with one of these daily deal websites. It’s possible to end up losing a lot of valuable time and money, which then needs to be weighed up against the the marketing value and exposure received through the campaign.

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There is nothing greater than going on a vacation in a destination that will leave your excited about your next return. Cape Town offers not only a joyous time during your travel but a splendid adventure that will make sure you never forget. Paragliding over Cape Town with Skywings is the talk of the town. It is an exhilarating sport in which a parachute like contraption is fastened to one’s body by means of harnessing equipment and gear. This allows a person to run, gather speed and leap off the edge of a steep incline, hill or mountain. Provided there are thermals, you can enjoy a decent amount of time soaring up in the sky. Skywings Paragliding are offering great discounts on tandem paragliding Cape Town for this month only. Sounds fun right? This is the perfect adventure for all those adrenalin lovers because it sets the peak of elevation to a whole new level. Not only does it give you a view of Cape Town, it gives you an elevated sight. These are the perks of flying high. Paragliding is a great sport even for the fearful. Those who suffer from acrophobia would be able to overcome their dreadful fears in a spontaneous way.

Skywings are one of the best established and most professional paragliding companies in Cape Town and are offering super discounts on their paragliding packages. The nerves will always kick in as you approach the day but it is an experience of a lifetime and worthwhile too. Nerves should not get the better of you as they are normal whenever you embark on something life changing. It doesn’t cost much and there are always experienced professionals who will be by your side every jump of the way. It should be a mandatory activity to do the minute you touch the soil of the Mother City. Although this sport might require you to make a short prayer since it is done on the basis of a good weather permitting conditions, the staff goes above and beyond to ensure you have an unforgettable ride. Once you are up and high in the sky, the nerves are a thing of the past. The excitement that goes through your veins of feeling like a superhero is worth every anxious feeling you had prior.

For all those who want to feel on top of the world or rather on top of Cape Town, this is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. Paragliding over Cape Town gives you a whole new glimpse of the magnificent Mother City. Everybody is safety cautious about their life especially if you are hefty meters above the ground. The safety measure has been exceptionally implemented and practiced because the parachute that you are using is attached to a person’s body by a harness.

We know how frightening it must be to do something with the constant worry of thinking something might go wrong, that is why a harness is used to give you a sense of relief that your safety is well taken care of. You do not need to be looking down over the city and Atlantic Ocean with anxiety and fear that your safety harness is not in check. You need to be looking down over the oceans with complete ease and comfort that you are safe, happy and flying high.


If you a risk taker and someone who is always open to doing things that are new, fresh and epic, paragliding over Cape Town is the best shot you can get. You will absolutely enjoy the ride and we are almost certain you might come back to the Mother City and do it again. This could be the best gift you give to your acrophobia demons and this is just a perfect way to combat them!

So what is it going to be? Are you going to let your fears win or are you going to fight them in a great way? I would choose the latter and so should you!