Voodoo Vapour Vape Juice Special

E-cigarettes can be found in many online stores but mostly in dedicated Vape stores nationwide. Voodoo Vapour is one of the best vape shops in Cape Town. These shops offer a wide variety and range of products. You can also find e-cigarettes in your local mass retailers, drug stores and shopping malls. You will most likely find the ‘cig-a-likes’ in these convenience stores. Voodoo Vapour is running a massive online special that we are promoting on Twangoo this month, so dont miss out.

Most Vape Shops offer similar products, but can vary greatly in the accessories and flavours provided. Some stores might offer places to have a coffee and of course you can relax and Vape with your friends.  The vapour stores are places to go for people who need specialised advice on their e-cigarette products, something you won’t get at your local convenience store.  Most e-cigarette products are sold online and delivered straight to you.

Here are some online stores and retail outlets you can buy from:

  • https://vapeshop.co.za: Mainly an online supplier, but a few outlets can be found around Johannesburg.
  • http://www.vapemob.co.za: They sell mostly online, but have a retail outlet in Cape Town, Willowbridge.
  • https://www.vapeking.co.za: They sell online and have a few retail outlets.
  • http://www.vapeempire.co.za: You can shop online, but they offer a good food and refreshments in a great atmosphere at their store located in Cape Town.

However Voodoo Vapour have got the formula right and have some of the most flavourful vape juices available.

What are a few of the products on offer at an E-cigarette or Vape store?



This is one of the most important parts of your e-cigarette. It is basically the part of the e-cigarette that changes the liquid into a vapour. This part of the e-cigarette is referred to as the atomizer.  An atomizer needs to be replaced every 2-4 weeks.


The coil is the part of the e-cigarette that heats up and also heats the liquid that eventually vaporisers. The coil needs to be changed on average, every two weeks available in a variety of brands.

Cartridges or Drip tips

The cartridge is the outer shell that houses the coil and the e-liquid. The drip tip is an alternative to the cartridge. A reusable hollow tube that connects directly to the atomizer, the user can then drip liquid directly onto the drip tip. This is said to enhance the flavour of the e-liquid. Stores offer a variety of designs and colours for the drip tip.


The word ‘Mod’ is basically just referring to any modern modifications done to the e-cigarette. There are ‘Mods’ available for each part of the e-cigarette. The modifications just enhance the user experience and improve performance.


The e-liquid is the carrier base that contains the nicotine, flavours and preservatives. There are a variety of different brands and flavours available:

Here are some unique flavours of e liquid Cape Town :

  • Vanilla
  • Berry flavours
  • Cookie Monster
  • Iced Latte
  • Milkshake flavour
  • Tobacco
  • Coconut
  • Baklava
  • Variety of sour flavours

The list goes on…

DIY mixing kits

Providing kits that will get you started on making your very own e-liquid recipes.


Starter kits are available and provide everything necessary to start you on your Vaping journey.


Most batteries are rechargeable Lithium batteries. Vape shops seem to sell a variety of batteries with many different brands available, so if you are not sure it is important to ask. The batteries have to be compatible with their charger, charging the wrong battery with the incorrect charger may cause problems. Doing it wrong may cause wire damage or even an exploding battery.


Each store or company offers different accessories for you to purchase.

Items can include:

  • Branded T-shirts
  • Some branded Caps and other clothing items
  • Safety Pouches and cases for your e-cigarette and products
  • Silicone battery sleeves
  • Cleaning tools
  • Different kinds of containers and holders
  • Bottles, wires and a variety of tools

Everything you need to start Vaping and more can be found in each of these stores. Always visit a reputable well know company for the best products. This is why we would recommend you make use of Twangoo’s special on Voodoo Vapours products this month by visiting their website.

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