Cash in on Our Discount Offer from Go Green Guys !

Go Green Guys has approached Twangoo with some amazing offers to help you cut down on your electricity bill this winter. The winter months in Cape Town are particularly cold and as a result, energy and electricity usage can spike dramatically over this period. Thanks to these discount deals from Go Green Guys, you can still save a pretty penny this winter. Many people have had the thought and experience, that in order to enjoy your swimming pool all year round it’s going to cost you dearly. However this need not be the case as there are ways and means that, if properly applied, can lead to a pool that can offer you a year round enjoyment at a very affordable price. Ways that can also reduce your pools environmental impact.

1. Black Garden Hose.
Making use of an ordinary black garden hose, which, due to its dark colour, is able to absorb a large amount of heat from the sun and this, warms the water naturally. You need to purchase a total length of 120 – 150 meters of black hose and then attach the one end, using a normal non-return valve, to the pool pumps return. Then you lead the hose to your house or any other spot that gives the most direct sunlight. Now you lay the hose in a coil, as large a diameter as possible, in order to be able to heat as much water in the hose. Then you lead the other end of the hose directly down into the pool which will then pump warm water directly into the pool, warming the pool water. This method of pool water heating is very cost effective and easy enough to install yourself. This may be a cheaper way to heat your pool, but the down side is, on those cloudy days there will not be enough sunlight to heat the hose and keep the water warm.
2. Solar pool Covers.
The use of solar pool covers Cape Town has proven to be the best cost effective method of heating your swimming pool water, as it addresses the main cause of heat loss in your pool. The main cause of heat loss is evaporation. Evaporation takes place mainly during the day when your pool water is directly exposed to the sun and also the wind. The solar pool cover has a dual purpose as it serves as a cover, or lid, protecting the water from evaporation but also, at the same time, is able to absorb solar heat. This in turn retains the heat in the water. This daily deal from Go Green Guys should be snapped up by anybody interested in saving money this winter.
3. Solar Pool Rings.
The use of a solar pool cover is initially cheaper than the solar rings but they need to be custom made to fit your shape or size of pool. However these solar rings give the same result as the solar covers and only need to be thrown into the pool, as many as is required, irrespective of the size or shape of the pool and have the same effect on evaporation.
4. Wind proofing
When the wind blows and causes ripples on the surface of the water, then the pool water’s surface area changes increasing the effect of evaporation. It is therefore important that a wind barrier be erected. A wind barrier can be in the form of a fence or wall of an existing building. Another good idea would be to plant various types of bushes or shrubs close to and around the pool which will have the same effect on water evaporation. The fence or wall wind barriers not only assist in water evaporation but also help to keep leaves and other debris from contaminating the pool. This will help to lessen any extra cleaning operations.
5. Solar Panels and Heat Pumps
We must make mention of solar panels and heat pumps as another method of pool water heating. The initial cost of these two methods is fairly expensive; however once in operation the solar panels energy becomes free. The heat pumps energy is very cost effective, and the end result cannot be compared to any of the above methods. Having both of these heating methods, solar panels and the heat pump working together, the cost savings and effects will be phenomenal. Go Green Guys are also offering fantastic deals on their solar geysers in Cape Town which are renowned for their quality and reliability

Most of the above methods mentioned depend on natural heat energy and are environmentally friendly ways that can keep your pool heated in the cooler months. Many of these products have a fairly high initial cost, but in the long run will save you a lot more money. Why not make use of these specials offered on Twangoo to you, available for a limited time only ?

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