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The concept of collective buying or group buying from a supplier is not an entirely new concept, although it has been largely popularized and simplified with the advent of the internet, social media and the emergence of websites such as Groupon. The origins of collective buying can be traced back to China where small businesses would club together before approaching a supplier or retailer to make a group purchase on a specific product at a largely reduced price due to the bulk quantity of the purchase. This practice was known by the Chinese as tuango (pronounced twangoo).


Although Groupon is probably the most well known “daily deal” website, it was not the first nor is it the only one. The are plenty of other websites offering similar deals and the collective buying industry has become extremely competitive. Websites that have emerged recently that compete with Groupon are Swagbucks, Yipit, Living Social, Homerun, Tippr, Buytopia and TeamBuy. The first internet based collective buying platform was actually launched in the year 2000 by Paul Allen with the financial backing of Microsoft. The website was known as Mercata and was dedicated to offering high end electronic appliances. Customers or subscribers would click to sign up to buy a specific product. The more people that clicked to buy, the lower the price of the product would be. Unfortunately the venture failed and was shut down in 2001. Allen stated in an interview that he felt the economy was to blame for the failure, whilst others speculated that Mercata was unable to compete with the hugely popular, and the the public were not yet ready for the collective buying model. Unlike Groupon which states upfront what the discounted price will be, Mercata subscribers were not initially given a final discounted price, but rather notified as the price dropped with more signups for the deal. The fact that social media had not yet come into existence is also another factor which could have prevented Mercata from reaching its potential.

The business model for websites like Groupon is extremely aggressive and does not always favor the retailer. For example, if the offer is 50% off the retail price of a handbag, Groupon would take 50% of the remaining value and the retailer the remaining 50%. In fact what this means is that the retailer is only receiving 25% of the sales value of the handbag or product. It is not uncommon for suppliers to make huge losses when running campaigns with daily deal or collective buying websites. It is imperative that small businesses take their offerings into careful consideration before entering into an agreement with one of these daily deal websites. It’s possible to end up losing a lot of valuable time and money, which then needs to be weighed up against the the marketing value and exposure received through the campaign.

At Twangoo we will continue to review deals and offers on great services in all the major cities in South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Bloemfontein. Stay tuned to Twangoo and don’t miss out on an opportunity to save money or benefit from a great service or business.

When Visiting Cape Town, 10 Things Travelers Need

Discounts, Coupons and Daily Deals available for the intrepid traveler in Cape Town. Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and certainly the most popular in South Africa. The reason being is that it the exchange rates for one are extremely favorable for most foreign tourists and secondly that it is such a beautiful city with a tremendous amount of landmarks and activities for travelers to experience. Ashanti Cape Town Backpackers is one of the most popular places chosen by travelers, as it has a wide variety of options to fit most budgets. Not only that, Ashanti also has a really efficient travel desk from where you can book just about any tour imaginable. Whether you are wanting to go up Table Mountain or visiting the penguins at Boulders beach in Simonstown, this team will make it happen.


Cape Town is a gorgeous city with abundant cultural occasions and the top 5 tourist attractions in all of South Africa. When you check out Cape Town, South Africa, you will need to make sure you are ready, so your trip will be more enjoyable. Be sure to take note of the following tips :

1. Sun Protection
The sun in South Africa can be harsh, so you’ll need to wear sun protective cream, in addition to protective clothing like visors or hats to keep the sun from your eyes and face.

2. Copies of Passport and Travel Documents
You always want to make sure you have more than one copy of your passport and travel files in case you are to lose them or have them taken. These are the only methods by which you can go back to your nation, so protect them well.

3. Correct Clothing
Light cotton clothing is recommended in the summer. The evenings get cooler so pack warmer clothing. Dress is usually casual in Cape Town even for evenings at the theater or dining establishments.

4. Excellent Accommodations
My favorite place to stay in Cape Town South Africa is the Commodore Hotel. This is a 5-star hotel on the waterside near the center of Cape Town. While, the room rate is a bit expensive, a hot breakfast buffet and world class service certainly offsets it.

5. Loan for Tipping
South African currency is called the Rand (R). The Rand is divided into 100 cents, just like the US Dollar and cents. You will need to carry loan with you to tip individuals for service such as wait personnel, taxi drivers, hotel staff, etc. 10% is a fair idea in Cape Town.

6. Security Precautions
Never walk unpopulated streets of South Africa alone. Keep the amount of money you reach a minimum. The Police emergency situation number is 10111. If you do decide to travel and take an overland tour from Cape town to other parts of Africa, be sure to read up on safety issues concerning the route.

7. Immunizations
While there are no international immunizations needed to go into South Africa, you ought to understand that Malaria is a risk throughout the year. So protect yourself from diseases as you feel needed. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

8. Regional Driving Rules
In Cape Town everyone drives on the left side of the road. Much of the National streets have tolls so constantly bring cash with you if you are intending on taking a trip by car. Seat belts are needed and if you have a young kid with you, you must book a car embedded in advance.

9. Regional Prices
You ought to have some understanding of the local costs, so you do not get surprised or taken advantage of while on holiday in Cape Town. The average McDonalds meal is R23.00, bottled water is R5.00, a ticket to the films is R30.00 and dinner out has to do with R100.00 each person.

10. Travel Insurance
Medical services are available at personal medical facilities and doctors in private practice. You need to have some type of travel insurance that covers medical expenses. Once again, it’s better to be safe than sorry in case something does take place throughout the trip away.

Cape Town is a stunning city with abundant cultural events and the top 5 tourist attractions in all of South Africa. When you visit Cape Town, South Africa, you will require to make sure you are prepared, so your journey will be more satisfying. Dress is normally casual in Cape Town even for evenings at the theater or dining establishments.

My favorite location to stay in Cape Town South Africa is the Commodore Hotel. You will require to bring cash with you to tip individuals for service such as wait staff, taxi chauffeurs, hotel staff, etc. 10% is a reasonable tip in Cape Town.

Voodoo Vapour Vape Juice Special

E-cigarettes can be found in many online stores but mostly in dedicated Vape stores nationwide. Voodoo Vapour is one of the best vape shops in Cape Town. These shops offer a wide variety and range of products. You can also find e-cigarettes in your local mass retailers, drug stores and shopping malls. You will most likely find the ‘cig-a-likes’ in these convenience stores. Voodoo Vapour is running a massive online special that we are promoting on Twangoo this month, so dont miss out.

Most Vape Shops offer similar products, but can vary greatly in the accessories and flavours provided. Some stores might offer places to have a coffee and of course you can relax and Vape with your friends.  The vapour stores are places to go for people who need specialised advice on their e-cigarette products, something you won’t get at your local convenience store.  Most e-cigarette products are sold online and delivered straight to you.

Here are some online stores and retail outlets you can buy from:

  • Mainly an online supplier, but a few outlets can be found around Johannesburg.
  • They sell mostly online, but have a retail outlet in Cape Town, Willowbridge.
  • They sell online and have a few retail outlets.
  • You can shop online, but they offer a good food and refreshments in a great atmosphere at their store located in Cape Town.

However Voodoo Vapour have got the formula right and have some of the most flavourful vape juices available.

What are a few of the products on offer at an E-cigarette or Vape store?



This is one of the most important parts of your e-cigarette. It is basically the part of the e-cigarette that changes the liquid into a vapour. This part of the e-cigarette is referred to as the atomizer.  An atomizer needs to be replaced every 2-4 weeks.


The coil is the part of the e-cigarette that heats up and also heats the liquid that eventually vaporisers. The coil needs to be changed on average, every two weeks available in a variety of brands.

Cartridges or Drip tips

The cartridge is the outer shell that houses the coil and the e-liquid. The drip tip is an alternative to the cartridge. A reusable hollow tube that connects directly to the atomizer, the user can then drip liquid directly onto the drip tip. This is said to enhance the flavour of the e-liquid. Stores offer a variety of designs and colours for the drip tip.


The word ‘Mod’ is basically just referring to any modern modifications done to the e-cigarette. There are ‘Mods’ available for each part of the e-cigarette. The modifications just enhance the user experience and improve performance.


The e-liquid is the carrier base that contains the nicotine, flavours and preservatives. There are a variety of different brands and flavours available:

Here are some unique flavours of e liquid Cape Town :

  • Vanilla
  • Berry flavours
  • Cookie Monster
  • Iced Latte
  • Milkshake flavour
  • Tobacco
  • Coconut
  • Baklava
  • Variety of sour flavours

The list goes on…

DIY mixing kits

Providing kits that will get you started on making your very own e-liquid recipes.


Starter kits are available and provide everything necessary to start you on your Vaping journey.


Most batteries are rechargeable Lithium batteries. Vape shops seem to sell a variety of batteries with many different brands available, so if you are not sure it is important to ask. The batteries have to be compatible with their charger, charging the wrong battery with the incorrect charger may cause problems. Doing it wrong may cause wire damage or even an exploding battery.


Each store or company offers different accessories for you to purchase.

Items can include:

  • Branded T-shirts
  • Some branded Caps and other clothing items
  • Safety Pouches and cases for your e-cigarette and products
  • Silicone battery sleeves
  • Cleaning tools
  • Different kinds of containers and holders
  • Bottles, wires and a variety of tools

Everything you need to start Vaping and more can be found in each of these stores. Always visit a reputable well know company for the best products. This is why we would recommend you make use of Twangoo’s special on Voodoo Vapours products this month by visiting their website.

A Rare Deal Opportunity on Twangoo – Fibreglass Furniture and Products

Every once in a while we get an unusual special offer available to our customers and subscribers here on Twangoo. It seems as the popularity of the “daily deal” concept increases in popularity, more and more different kinds of businesses are seeing the potential benefits in signing up with group deal companies like Twangoo and increasing brand exposure and sales. Jaguar Fibreglass Products Pty Ltd are a Cape Town based business that have nearly two decades in manufacturing fibreglass moulds and products. Jaguar are the manufacturers of Horizoon Pools as well as Sundance Pools, probably the most well known swimming pool brands in the Western Cape. We caught up with the owners of Jaguar Products to learn more about the fibreglass manufacturing industry.

Fibreglass is very versatile and can be adapted almost into any form or shape, big or small, and with such amazing properties it can be used in a variety of products and applications. Fiberglass also has many more advantages that cannot be found in any other constructional materials. Fibreglass is basically made up of two main components:
1. The fibre material referred to as “Glass Reinforced Plastic” which comes in sheets of varying width, weight and design, and
2. The epoxy resin together with the catalyst is applied to the fibre material and allowed to dry which produces the desired product.
Let us have a look at a few of the products that have been manufactured out of fibreglass.
These guard houses are basically Fibreglass Buildings manufactured from reinforced plastic which is able to endure extremely bad weather conditions and very high usage. They can be erected anywhere for example, on a major building site; at a private residence; in a parking area, and so on. The application can be altered to suit the need by merely adding and removing panels.
The pool furniture is made and manufactured from reinforced plastic which is able to endure extremely bad weather conditions and very high usage and is used because of its strength and durability. It is also used because it has no maintenance or repair necessary, is very light and easy to transport, has no need of strong chemicals for cleaning and can be cleaned with a wet cloth, its price is also a major factor as it compares favourably with any other type of pool furniture. It can also be manufactured in any colour that the buyer requires.
The slides are manufactured from reinforced plastic which is able to endure extremely bad weather conditions and very high usage, it also has no maintenance or repair necessary. The product is also very light and easy to transport. In its design, the safety of the children came first and in order to obtain this, 2 layers of matt fibre was used to give it extra strength and durability. It can also be manufactured in any colour that the buyer requires.

Jaguar are offering Twangoo customers and subscribers the opportunity to snap up their latest product, their elegantly designed rainwater tank that is being widely used by homeowners in the Western Cape for rainwater harvesting Cape Town. The new take on rainwater tank design has been extremely well received by homeowners in Cape Town where it has been initially launched. Up till now, the only option available has been a rather gawdy looking green plastic barrel type object, that really can cheapen the look of your home.

Rainwater tanks

These types of fibreglass signs are found mainly at traffic intersections; on lamp poles; billboards or wall mounted signs. This type of advertising is very effective in getting your product noticed, as drivers are always looking for directions and notices while driving. It is not difficult or expensive to illuminate the sign at night and so ensure that your advertisement receives the maximum exposure day or night. As vandalism is a very real threat today, this product will stay in place for a very long time, as its money value is very insignificant.
The benefits of this product are:
1. It is very strong as fibreglass is 5 times stronger than steel
2. It is very light and as such is easy to transport and install
3. It is UV resistant and will not fade over time
4. It is non-conductive and can therefore be installed right under electrical power lines.
These moulded fibreglass cooler boxes have a moulded surface that is designed to comply with the harsh climate conditions in South Africa. Because it is moulded inside and outside, it is seamless and is made with a 45mm solid polyurethane core, it is able to maintain a constant temperature in storage and transport.

The pools are made from high quality fibreglass and can therefore manage the very harsh weather conditions in South Africa. The very high quality water resistant laminate is constructed with special materials inserted between the fibreglass layers in order to strengthen the side walls. The resin used is constructed in such a way as to be able to allow the pool to withstand high temperatures. The barrier coat used behind the surface of the pool and also externally, is there to help prevent the forming of algae.
The benefits of using a fibreglass pool are:
1. It is very flexible and can be installed in virtually any type of soil and is also able to withstand the movement of the ground over time.
2. There is very low maintenance. Because of its smooth surface it is easy to keep and prevents the formation of algae
3. As fibreglass pools are made from a mould there are no joints and that reduces the possibility of leakage.
4. As fibreglass is a good insulator it allows the pool to heat up quicker and also cool down slower giving the user enjoyment before and after the summer season closes.
5. Because the pool is manufactured completely at the factory it takes less time to install. The fibreglass pool takes about two to three weeks to install versus the gunite pool requires 3 to 4 months’ time to install.

Be sure to snap up this rainwater harvesting tank offer from Jaguar Products, available only on Twangoo for a limited period of time.

May it’s time to cash in the chips and settle for a coupon ?

Gambling has recently been officially classified as a form of addiction in the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Ixande House, a rehab in Cape Town, focuses on gambling addiction as well as catering for various other forms of addiction including sex addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and codependency. Ixande is a world class treatment centre that caters for clients and patients from all over the world including the United Kingdom (UK) and Holland. South Africa and Cape Town in particular has become a popular choice for international clients seeking treatment for addiction. There are many reasons for this :

  • South Africa is home to some of the leading experts in the addictions field
  • South Africa provides a relatively peaceful environment with abundant access to nature
  • The costs of addiction treatment is far lower than in in Europe, whilst the facilities are of a very high standard.
  • In many cases it serves the patient well to be removed from the toxic environment where their particular addiction thrives, and relocated to somewhere that is completely free of the triggers and reminders that help in sustaining their addictive behavior.

The difference between gambling and using coupons is quite obvious. When you gamble you are not guaranteed of any reward or return on your investment, whereas with Twangoo, Groupon and other daily deal type platforms, once you have bought your coupon, you’re guaranteed that you will get what you paid for. There’s nothing addictive about it.

Gambling, like drug addiction and alcohol addiction, is a disease that progresses over time. The time it takes for a person to get to a point where the addictive behavior has completely ruined their life, varies from person to person. Gambling addiction usually begins as a form of casual recreation, beginning with the regular purchase of lottery cards or placing bets on the horses and spending time in casinos. Most people are able to do this without it completely ruining their lives, but for those that are prone to addiction, it can quickly spiral out of control. Addiction is characterized by the need to make oneself feel better via some form of external stimulus, regardless of the negative impact it may have on one’s life. It is quite common for the gambling addict to also suffer from alcohol or drug addiction.

For those prone to addiction, gambling develops over time into an uncontrollable compulsion, where the person is preoccupied with thoughts of gambling and the highs that come from the occasional wins they may have. The gambling addict experiences brief periods of euphoria with the thrill of the win and large amounts of denial regarding the losses. Denial plays a big part in the progressive aspect of the gambling addiction as it is essential to the addict to sustain his or her addiction. The level of denial allows the gambler to take more and more financial risks, culminating in further losses and debt which only compound the compulsion. As the gambling addict’s life begins to spiral out of control, depression, alcoholism and suicide become very real risks. In many cases the gambling addict will begin to borrow and steal money to sustain the habit.

Ixande rehabilitation centres in Cape Town offer gambling addiction treatment for local clients as well as clients from the United Kingdom, Holland and other parts of the world by offering an inpatient program that focusses on getting to the core of the addictive behavior. The counselling staff at Ixande are professional and experienced in dealing with addictive behaviours like gambling addiction.

Please keep checking Twangoo for updates about our Ixande Coupons !

Discounted Sober House in Cape Town

Twangoo subscribers are familiar with the normal discount coupons and daily deals most companies offer. Scotswood Sober House Cape Town is not your average deal you might come across. Scotswood is a relatively new establishment that caters for people that are the road to recovery from a history in addictive behaviour and are looking for a safe and peaceful environment where they can build on the progress they have made whilst being treated fro addiction or alcoholism in a rehabilitation centre. For many addicts leaving the safety of a treatment centre can be quite daunting. For the first time, these people are expected to put to work the tools they have learned and remain abstinent from their drug or addiction of choice. Returning to their old life outside the safety of the rehabilitation centre poses many problems. Previously toxic relationships, old friends associated with drug use, stressful family relations and many other factors are things that could potentially lead to a potential relapse in addictive behaviour. Scotswood is located on a  beautiful property in Constantia in Cape Town and offers those that seek it, a sober living environment where they are able to get a head start on a new life, surrounded by like minded people. The Cape Town based sober house offers several amenities and can only accommodate a limited number of residents at a time in order to maintain a high quality of service. There are resident counsellors, weekly meeting held for the residents to discuss and share problems they may be experiencing. Besides being conveniently situated closley to nearby shopping malls and coffee shops, Scotswood is also close to several 12 Step meetings in the area that enables it’s residents to easily stay in touch the the support networks essential to their recovery. Scotswood are offering great deals over the next month for people that meet their minimum entry requirements. If you or a loved one are looking to safeguard your sobriety and continue on a path to wellness, head over to the Scotswood website and read up about all the amenities and facilities on offer for those that meet their minimum entry requirements. Alternatively call them directly on +27 (0) 82 575 3318 and find out what deals they have on offer.

Snap up a great Dentist Deal !

A lot of people seem to think that daily deal websites and other similar sites that offer vouchers and coupons focus mainly on restaurants, health spas and so forth. We often receive emails asking why we never have any deals that promote medical related services like doctors and dentists. So we decided to go out there and find you some! It is true though. It doesn’t seem to make any sense that there are never any great deals being promoted that fall into this category. Perhaps the doctors and dentists are all making too much money already and are not in any way struggling to find new customers, or maybe it is just something that they have never considered investigating ? Well, Twangoo has some great news for our readers and subscribers. Introducing, Dr P. Singh, a renowned Claremont dentist. Clearly Dr Singh is not your run of the mill dentist as he has agreed to be one of the first dentists to enter into negotiations with us. Dr Singh has his dental practice in Claremont Cape Town, where he has operated from for the past seven years. The dentist overs all the usual general dentistry as well as prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry work. The Claremont dentist offers crowns, implants, ceramic veneers, pediatric dentistry and much much more than this.

Dr Singh Dentist Coupon

Bargains and deals on dental work do not come by often so we urge our subscribers and readers to act quickly. The price of medical and dental services in South Africa is almost as expensive as it is in most European countries. Dr Singh is already one of the few dentists that offer quality work at affordable rates and is spoken of very highly by his existing patients. Many of these clients consider him to be the best dentist in Claremont, if not the best in Cape Town. Their testimonials can be read on Dr Singh’s website, On the website you will find all the details you need to make an appointment to see him, as well as find out more about the range of dental services he provides.

Discounted Treatment offered on Wellness Products

The amount of people suffering from psychiatric disorders like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and  Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is far greater than you would imagine. These disorders can seriously damage the affected person’s ability to conduct a normal healthy life. Addiction of any form or kind is another massive problem that thousands of people in South Africa struggle with. Most people immediately think of addiction to drugs or narcotics when the word addiction is mentioned, however this is not the case. Addiction comes in many forms and addictive behaviors are not limited only to substances, whether illegal or prescribed medications.


We came across a fantastic online resource called Rehab-Search which tackles the difficulty in trying to locate the best possible treatment available to people suffering from any kind of addiction or obsessive compulsive related behaviors. Rehab-Search is a Cape Town based, free online service that really simplifies the process of sourcing the right rehab for you. There are many different forms of addiction and likewise there are certain treatment facilities that are better suited or much better at treating each of the disorders. Unfortunately this information is not easily accessible to somebody searching for treatment. For example, if you were to use a search engine to search for “drug addiction rehab”, you will be presented with literally thousands of options. Not all of these options are the same. Rehab-Search Directory specializes in dealing with each individual facility and determining where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Founder and owner, Francois Strydom, is uniquely qualified in that he has many years of first hand experience in dealing with addictive disorders. Although based in Cape Town, South Africa, the website has dealings with many international rehabilitation centers as well. Rehab-Search has compiled a comprehensive and detailed index of not only rehabilitation and treatment centers in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa, but also some of the most experienced and dedicated options available internationally. The list includes respected establishments based in Illinois, Florida, New Jersey and New York in the United States. There are also other options in several other countries including Canada and Thailand.

rehab search directory

Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the most popular destinations for patients from all over the globe looking for world class medical attention and treatment for addictive disorders. Cape Town is host to some the most professional and experienced rehabilitation centers in the world. There is a wide selection of facilities that specialize in treating eating disorders, alcoholism, sex addiction, drug addiction, online gaming, codependence and all of the other major addictive disorders. Rehab-Search is without a doubt your best starting point if you are looking for Cape Town based drug rehabilitation centres.

Be sure to head over to head over to the website to start your search for the best options available to you. Twangoo has negotiated massive discounted deals of up to 50% off with many of our partners. Discounts like this do not happen every day so be sure to check in and see where you can save by using the coupons on offer. Suffering from an addictive disorder is by no means fun and getting the best possible treatment available to you is without a doubt the most important factor to consider when searching for a rehabilitation centre.